PDC’s “Excellence in Leadership” Combines Best Practices from Business and Military Sectors


The Professional Development Center (PDC) is proud to announce the Excellence in Leadership with Performance Coaching Certificate Program from November 20 – 22, 2013. Professionals from across Austin and central Texas will come to the University campus to gain leadership training and individual coaching that combines the best techniques of the world’s most prominent executives with those of the world’s most successful military commanders. Time-honored, real-world strategies are explored to help participants gain new perspectives on how leadership from different fields can be applied to any business setting. The program is open to all current and prospective managers seeking to learn proven techniques in goal setting, communication, creative thinking, time management, motivation, conflict resolution and much more. Online registration is now open.

“UT PDC’s Excellence in Leadership is an intensive, 3-day program that endeavors to take managers – at any level – and develop them into strong leaders. Participants walk away with new skills and tools to return to their workplace and confidently make sound, timely decisions, communicate more effectively and create a safe, supportive environment in which their individual team members can succeed,” said Liliya Spinazzola, director of UT PDC. “It’s wonderful to see participants fully explore their potential as leaders in this program. By the time they are finished, participants have the knowledge, expertise and – most importantly – the confidence to effectively set a new standard of excellence in their organizations. It’s inspiring!”

“Leadership is not about authority. It is not about position in the organization, number of direct reports or title. It is about influence and the ability to develop a personal leadership philosophy that can inspire and motivate your team and even your entire organization,” said Michael Paczan, co-instructor of the Excellence in Leadership with Performance Coaching Certificate Program. “Through exploring their own characteristics and crafting their own personal leadership philosophies, our participants come away more confident, more productive, more in-command and better able to accomplish their goals through a new-found ability to influence and move others.”

There are four distinct components of the Excellence in Leadership with Performance Coaching Certificate Program:

  • Energize2Lead” Profile: This component helps participants identify their own multi-dimensional characteristics and assess their leadership role within their team. By performing a self-analysis profile, participants learn to maximize their own positive energy and more effectively communicate and lead.
  • Personal Leadership Philosophy: Participants are coached to create their own personal leadership philosophy that defines a leader’s personal values, priorities, expectations and operating principles.
  • Leadership Skills Development: During this component, participants take part in “Application and Action Sessions” where they receive training on specific leadership topics and then get to practice or apply new leadership techniques.
  • Evaluation and Follow-up: This Executive Coaching component includes tracking progress of participants to ensure their comprehension of the program instruction. One-on-one coaching is given to help individuals meet their own leadership goals.
More information, including instructor bios, course outlines and learning objectives, is found online. You may also contact UT PDC at 512-471-2924 or apilgrim@austin.utexas.edu for more information or to register.

Photo credit: ©iStockphoto.com/grapix