Go Back to School with CIE, Part 1

Go “Back to School” with CIE, Part 1


Continuing and Innovative Education presents a number of new courses, programs and services to greet both traditional and non-traditional students in fall 2010. So much in fact, that it will take two parts to cover it all. In part one, preview what's in store from the K-16 Education Center, University Extension and the Professional Development Center.

  • The K-16 Education Center continues to offer the Migrant Student Graduation Enhancement Program, LUCHA, the UT Online High School, the Scoring Center and Credit by Examination (CBE). For fall 2010, K-16 offers six new Physical Education CBEs:
    • Bowling /Cycling
    • Bowling/Golf
    • Cycling/Raquetball
    • Cycling/Golf
    • Cycling/Racquetball
    • Golf/Racquetball

    Students can earn or recover credit by taking these exams which consist of a written component as well as proof of actual participation in the sport. Students are required to participate actively in at least 50 hours per sport and complete an activity log prior to taking the written part of the test.

    Within the next few weeks, the K16 Education Center will also be opening new online Spanish 1A and 1B courses. K-16's previous Spanish course was CD-ROM based, but these completely new and updated courses provide students with the capability to perform listening, reading, writing, and speaking activities online.

  • In addition to its large catalog of online and classroom courses, University Extension (UEX) introduces a unique opportunity for currently enrolled students at the university who are also participating in an internship. These students may enroll in a new online Credit Internship Course. The course allows students to complement their internships through assignments that require them to journal about their intern experiences, reflect on their workplaces, and apply their academic skills to a business world setting. Students come away from both the course and their internships with a deeper understanding of their skills, the demands of the work world, and how their formal education benefits and informs their experiences. The course aims to better prepare these students for entering the work world with greater focus and self-knowledge.

  • The Professional Development Center adds a variety of brand new classes to its fall schedule for working professionals. The new courses are:

Look for part 2 in the coming week and discover what's coming soon from PETEX and the Thompson Conference Center.


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