Go “Back to School” with CIE, Part 3


Continuing and Innovative Education presents a number of new courses, programs and services to greet both traditional and non-traditional students in fall 2010. In part one, we previewed what's in store from the K-16 Education Center, University Extension and the Professional Development Center. In part two, we took a look at the Life Enrichment programs of the Thompson Conference Center.

In part three, we take a look at the Petroleum Extension Service, or PETEX, which has an impressive line-up of new e-learning tools, courses and publications for fall.

PETEX is the “trainer of choice” within the oil and gas industry and for 65 years has offered high-quality programs, materials and access to the educational resources found at the university. PETEX training reaches a wide range of workers from drilling site “roughnecks” to industry accountants.

Here’s what’s new:
  • During the fall 2010 semester, PETEX adds “super e-books” to its growing selection of digital e-books. Super e-books” will include videos and animations embedded in the text where a concept or procedure can’t easily be explained by a 2-D picture or graph. The first “super e-book” will be the PETEX best seller “Fundamentals of Petroleum,” available in October.

    Currently, there are 44 PETEX e-books available for purchase online, including such best-selling titles as "A Primer of Oilwell Drilling," "A Dictionary for the Oil and Gas Industry" and "Comprehensive Stability."

  • A number of new training courses are being introduced this fall, for a range of industry workers and specialties:
    • Basic Enhanced Oil Recovery: Reviews reservoir engineering fundamentals and the principles of various enhanced oil recovery processes. This new course is being taught by university faculty members Mojdeh Delshad and Larry Lake of the Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering in the Cockrell School of Engineering.
    • Economics of the Petroleum Industry: Provides a comprehensive of the economic dynamics of this ever-changing industry.
    • Field Handling of Natural Gas – Emphasis on Operations: Covers the general operation and troubleshooting for natural gas handling and treatment. Emphasis is placed on field handling and field processing equipment.
    • Basics of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG): Presents a thorough understanding of LNG facility operations from the process side and the evolution of the natural gas industry.
    • Plant Processing of Natural Gas – Emphasis on Operations: Covers natural gas process plant operations with an emphasis on offering an improved understanding of techniques and equipment.
    • ValvePro® Certified Valve Maintenance Technician: PETEX and Sealweld Corporation have joined forces to provide valve maintenance training in a blended learning format, combining online and hands-on instruction to offer the most complete valve care training available today.

    A full schedule of training courses for 2010-2011 is available online.

  • Skill Gaps Analysis Tool: PETEX is also developing a unique online offering for the Drilling sector of the oil & gas industry. The Skill Gaps Analysis Tool allows clients to analyze their workers’ skills in a variety of roles and then link PETEX offerings to the gaps identified by the tool. This tool is scheduled to be introduced before the end of the calendar year.

  • Test Bank: A new online Test Bank will house hundreds of assessment questions which can be randomized and tied to a variety of topics and content so companies may test their workers’ knowledge on a variety of industry subjects. The Test Banks is also scheduled to be introduced by the end of 2010.

Fall 2010 promises to be a very full and exciting time for PETEX and its clients. Look for future articles on PETEX, including a look at the latest PETEX e-learning modules.

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