Grayson Cecil of OLLI's UT NOVA program
Grayson Cecil of OLLI's UT NOVA program

Grayson Cecil helps establish OLLI’s newest program: UT NOVA


“I came to Austin thinking how great it was going to be to involve myself in all sorts of university opportunities. But not so fast; all of the continuing education programs had long waiting lists! But then along came NOVA and now we are building the newest of the OLLI programs to begin this spring. We will hear from six Texas writers, study the culture and conflict in the Middle East and be introduced to stem cell research, to name just a few. I plan to be challenged and expand my world in exciting ways beginning in April!” – Grayson Cecil

At UT Austin, five distinct programs make up the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI): UT LAMP™, UT SAGE™, UT QUEST™, UT FORUM™ and the newest group UT NOVA™. UT NOVA was formed based on demand from Austin’s lifelong learning community.

As one of UT NOVA's first members, Grayson Cecil will be able to take part in a wide range of learning opportunities covering such topics as art, religion, literature, history, technology and current events. Upcoming seminars and lectures include "The Roots of Modern Art," "What in the World is Going On in the Middle East?" and "Insights of Texas Literary Lights," a unique opportunity to hear six of Texas's most engaging writers as they share their insights on a wide array of subjects.

Each OLLI program consists of three, six-week sessions in the fall, winter and spring and meet at the Thompson Conference Center on the university campus. Members of OLLI enjoy leadership opportunities when they volunteer to serve on program committees to help plan the curriculum, social events, field trips and special interest groups.

For more information about UT NOVA or any of the OLLI programs, visit the OLLI Web site or call 512-471-3124.


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