Healing poetry from the University of Texas-University Charter School


The mission of the University of Texas-University Charter School (UT-UCS) is to understand and meet the needs of students by offering alternative forms of education. UT-UCS currently provides education programs on 16 campuses and facilities. One of these campuses, Pathways 3H, is licensed and partially funded by the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services to provide a residential, therapeutic camp and wilderness program for 60 pre-adolescent and adolescent boys with behavioral difficulties. The program is designed to help these boys acquire the necessary skills for successful community living.

D’Ann Singleton, English teacher at the UT-UCS Pathways 3H campus, invites her students to write and submit poems in her annual poetry contest. The chosen poems are then published and distributed. Ms. Singleton appreciates the healing power of language and has discovered that the use of poetry has proven invaluable in assisting students in expressing their feelings.

We are proud to offer a small sample of poems written by students from the Pathways 3H campus.

Click on any of the images below to be open the poetry gallery. Select "Stop Slideshow" to pause on any of the images.

"Addict and Back" by Michael

"Changed” by Bobby

"Prison Life" by David

"I Don’t Want to Waste My Life" by Irvin

"I'm Sorry" by Harold

"You Saved Me" by Winston


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