How to coach and counsel for improved performance

How to coach and counsel for improved performance


Julie Pagliai, an instructor with CIE’s Professional Development Center (PDC), will be leading a one-day “Coaching and Counseling for Improved Performance” workshop on October 26, 2010 at the Thompson Conference Center. Julie states, “As managers, we want the best for and from our employees. Often, we may not be sure exactly how to achieve this.” Julie offers the following article to preview this important workshop.

“Many factors may be influencing an employee’s behavior and performance. In the ‘Coaching and Counseling for Improved Performance’ workshop, we distinguish when coaching or counseling is the best fit to support an employee.
Some situations that may require coaching include:

  • An employee needs preparation for more a challenging work assignment. It is important for an individual to recognize and be affirmed on skills that he or she brings to a role. What are the reasons this employee was selected for a more advanced role? Let them know. At the same time, a manager can coach the employee on identifying gaps that may exist and action plans to address these learning opportunities.
  • When power or control battles are affecting team cohesiveness. It is often difficult to truly see ourselves and how we may be contributing to a conflict situation. As a manager, our role is to see the bigger picture. By being aware of the different influences at work, we can coach those individuals who are perpetuating the difficulty.

Some situations that may require counseling include:

  • Layoffs – counseling for those who are laid off and those who are not. Whether you are the one who is laid off or the one that remains, you are impacted – obviously in different ways. But it can be an emotional and stressful event for all involved. As managers, it is critical to stay alert to the emotional fallout that may occur and be there to support your employees.
  • An employee who has been promoted and is scared. Why is your employee who has been working toward this opportunity not just ecstatic about his or her promotion? Could it be that fear may be getting in the way? A manager can provide the needed support and encouragement to remind the employee why she or he was selected for this position. Oftentimes, a friendly, listening ear can help calm any apprehension that exists.”

Learn more about identifying when to coach and counsel your employees as well as strategies on how to do so at the “Coaching and Counseling for Improved Performance”workshop offered October 26, 2010 and again December 14, 2010 at the Thompson Conference Center. Register today.


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