Get the most of your company Web site.

How To Get the Most From Your Company Web Site, Part I


You have a company Web site, but is it helping you make money? Developing a Web site that nobody visits is like renting a storefront without a sign, windows or doors. Your potential for profit through the Internet depends upon customers being able to find your Web site and coming back often. CIE offers the following tips to make your Web Site stand out above the competition.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Often times, customers will discover your business using an Internet search engine (e.g., Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.). The likelihood of your business appearing towards the top of an Internet search is based on several factors. Consider these factors as you design and manage your Web site.

  • External links to your Web site.When more external Web sites link to yours, search engines will identify your Web site as more relevant—particularly when high-ranking Web sites post links. To determine any Web site’s rank, download the Google Page Rank tool bar or check through Partnering with a Web site with a rank of at least 5 will increase your Web site’s rank. Send a message to the authors of appropriate Web sites (e.g., blogs within your field) inviting them to visit yours and to include a link on theirs. Note: beware of just submitting a link for the sake of increasing links to your site. Include a personal note in your message relating the content of your Web site to the content of your intended partner.

  • Descriptive information for pictures. Images appearing on your site should be accompanied by descriptive text. Search engine crawlers cannot really “see” images, but they can see text. Text should appear near images on the site itself and also in the “alt tags” (i.e., the invisible text that accompanies an image and is read by screen readers for the visually impaired).

  • Titles. Each page should have its own descriptive and unique title in the page header.

  • Keywords and phrases appearing throughout your site. Relevant words and phrases should appear throughout your Web site touching upon what your customers want and what you can provide. Use Google’s keyword tool to get ideas and see the popularity of keywords and keyword phrases that appear on your site.

  • Meta-keywords/descriptions. Your content management system may have the option of allowing you to enter keywords/phrases that describe your site. Although your readers may not see these words on the page itself, they are visible to search engines. In fact, the description text is what will be displayed under the title of your page in the results of a Google search. Visit to see what meta-keywords/descriptions your competitors use.

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