Jerry Conn of OLLI
Jerry Conn

Jerry Conn of OLLI enjoys being both instructor and student


“For 13 years, I have enjoyed and appreciated the OLLI programs on a two-way street. In taking classes, SAGE has enabled me to take a bold and adventurous approach to learning—venturing into strange and exotic fields without worrying about grades! The learning opportunities in a myriad of courses and teachers are the motivators, not a degree and grade points. In addition to getting to know a fascinating group of people through classes and projects, my wife and I have also enjoyed a wide variety of trips, as well as social and cultural events. As an OLLI instructor, I¹ve enjoyed developing and teaching classes in my specialty—pop culture performers and songwriters such as Frank Sinatra, Astaire & Rogers, Cole Porter, plays of Noel Coward, and musicals of Broadway and films. I’m one of countless active and retired professors, teachers and experts from various fields who have found that OLLI programs are great and rare treats—classes of mature, motivated students who are there because they enjoy learning—with no tests or finals, no sob stories and twisting your arm for a higher grade!” – Jerry Conn

At UT Austin, five distinct programs make up the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI): UT LAMP, UT SAGE, UT QUEST, UT FORUM and the newest group UT NOVA. Jerry Conn is one of 335 members of OLLI’s UT SAGE™ ("Seminars for Adult Growth and Enrichment"). UT SAGE offers a wide range of learning opportunities covering such topics as art, music, religion, literature, history, science, technology and current events.

Each OLLI program consists of three, six-week sessions in the fall, winter and spring and meet at the Thompson Conference Center on the university campus. Members of OLLI enjoy leadership opportunities when they volunteer to serve on program committees to help plan the curriculum, social events, field trips and special interest groups.

For more information about UT SAGE or any of the OLLI programs, visit the OLLI Web site or call 512-471-3124.


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