K-16's Erin Connolly prepares to process exams returned from schools.
K-16's Erin Connolly prepares to process exams returned from schools.

K-16 Education Center goes extra mile to help high school students graduate on time


Every year, during graduation season, workers with the K-16 Education Center go into overdrive to ease the way for high school seniors across Texas to graduate on time. Many of these students find they are lacking one or two credits to graduate and often look to alternative means, such as K-16’s online courses or Credit by Examination service, to accomplish their goals.

The K-16 Education Center is known throughout Texas as a valued educational resource that benefits schools, parents and students in a variety of ways. K-16 includes such programs as LUCHA™, the Migrant Student Graduation Enhancement Program and The University of Texas at Austin Online High School. In addition to these educational programs, the K-16 Education Center provides a broad spectrum of core support services such as the Testing Center, the Scoring Center and Credit by Examination/Exam Acceleration (CBE/EA).

Just one example of how K-16 goes the “extra mile” to help students happened just recently during the 2010 high school graduation season. Minnie Tatum, administrative associate, hand-delivered a student’s final exam to a professor’s home so the instructor would be able to score the exam and turn in a grade that day. Because Minnie drove one and half hours out of her way to do this, the student was able to graduate on time.

The Educational Services team, which supports K-16’s many programs, often receives pastries, fruit baskets and cards of thanks from students and parents alike for just this type of service. The Testing Center is also busy during this time of year with students attempting to get quicker test grades for online courses or CBEs. These services are often used not only by students with K-16, but also students from area high schools trying to quickly earn their needed credits. Lastly, the Scoring Center also plays an important role having the responsibility of scanning and scoring the multitude if exams that the K-16 Education Center has to offer.

“The phone never stops ringing starting in April up through June,” says Erin Connolly, student development specialist. “We often go outside our usual process to help these students. If we can find a way to help them and make sure they meet their graduation requirements on time, we’ll do it. They are often so grateful—and their parents even more so.”

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