Alex Slaughter
High school student Alex Slaughter took an online class from the K-16 Education Center to get ahead in her studies.

K-16 Education Center helps high school student Alex Slaughter get ahead


“School is fun for me and I really enjoy it,” says Alex Slaughter, a sophomore at Vista Ridge High School in Cedar Park. Alex is very active at her school—she is the only sophomore officer on Student Council, an officer of the DECA business club, and a member of the yearbook staff. “What keeps me motivated to excel is that I don’t want any regrets. I want to be able to pursue everything that I want in life.”

Before the academic year began, Alex found that she needed to have completed Geometry before she could enroll in pre-Advanced Placement (AP) Algebra II and pre-AP Chemistry as a sophomore. Taking pre-AP and AP courses helped to increase her overall GPA. Last year, she was ranked #2 in her class and Alex wanted to maintain or even improve upon her competitive edge.

Alex’s desire to succeed led her to seek help from the K-16 Education Center (K-16). To stay on track with pre-AP studies, Alex was able to take an online high school Geometry course from K-16 before the school year began. She was then able to enroll in both pre-AP Algebra II and pre-AP Chemistry, as she intended.

We spoke with Alex about her experiences with the K-16 Education Center.

Why did you enroll in an online course with K-16?
“I enrolled because I really wanted to earn my credits for Geometry and make it into pre-AP Algebra II and Chemistry for my sophomore year. My dad works at UT and was aware of what I could accomplish through the online offerings of the K-16 Education Center. That made the decision to enroll much easier.”

Can you describe your experience of taking an online class? Was there anything about it that surprised you or that you particularly enjoyed?
“It was a great experience. I really enjoyed that I was able to work at my own pace. I was able to earn the credit much faster than if I had taken it as a regular class at my school. The coursework was well-presented and easy for me to understand. It was also very easy to get help from the teacher. Once I sent my instructor an e-mail asking for help with an assignment and I got a reply in the same day.”

What are your long-term goals?
“I want to go to college and study sports broadcasting/journalism. Both of my parents are big sports fans. I’ve played every sport imaginable and I love to travel to other places to go to games. Right now, I’m the quarterback for the girls’ flag football team at my school. So, studying sports journalism feels like a natural progression for me. “

More information about the K-16 Education Center is found on its Web site.


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