Leo Galvan graduates high school with help of online CBE and the new Testing Center


Leonardo Galvan needed just a half credit to graduate high school on time with his friends and peers at McCallum High School. To ensure that he reached this important milestone as scheduled, he worked with his counselors to find a solution – with very little time to spare. They mutually decided on Leo taking an online Credit by Examination (CBE) from CIE’s K-16 Education Center.

“My counselors heard that the K-16 Education Center was piloting online CBEs. Taking an online CBE was the fastest, most convenient way for me to earn that credit,” said Leo. “I took Economics and learned a lot in a short amount of time. I studied hard, which I needed to do, because the test was hard, and I passed.”

The K-16 Education Center has offered CBEs for some time, but only recently have they begun offering them online. A CBE typically allows students in grades 6-12 to earn high school credit by passing an exam in a subject they have received prior instruction. The exam is designed to assess a student’s knowledge and skills in that subject matter, and students must earn a 70 on the test to earn the credit. There are four online CBEs currently being piloted – Economics, English 1 – first semester, English 1 - second semester, and Health.

Online CBEs give the students options on how they take the test and how they are graded. Tests can be administered online or in a proctored testing center. Online CBEs also provide study guides online for download. Online grading provides immediate results versus a two week wait for the typical CBE testing.

Leo was allowed to be a part of the pilot. He studied and reviewed Economics course materials online and then took his final proctored exam at CIE’s Testing Center. Leo offered, “The Testing Center experience was great. Everyone was really helpful. I had adequate time to take the test, and the staff made the process of taking the test very simple.” When asked what he wants to do in the future, Leo answered: “I want to pursue a college degree and a career in psychology. “

The Testing Center has recently moved. It is now located on the first floor of the university’s Development Building, at the Northeast corner of I-35 and Dean Keeton at 2901 North IH-35, on the first floor in Room 1.408. A map of the new location is found online.

“There are some differences in our new locations,” said Frank Baca, supervisor for the Testing Center. “We have more flexible scheduling and more computers for student use. We also have a new projection screen, so we have a great new training option. These services are important because it gives students more flexibility and we are here to serve the needs of students. We also have the capacity to help area businesses with their own testing needs.”

If you have questions about the new Testing Center or online CBEs, please contact Frank Baca.


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