Meet Liz Aebersold of PDC’s Creative Leadership & Innovative Management Certificate Program


With over 14 years experience as a consultant, facilitator, teacher and coach, Liz Aebersold has helped a number of diverse organizations manage change and generate innovative solutions to some of their most difficult problems. Currently a director of communications and strategy management for Information Technology Services at The University of Texas at Austin, Liz has also been a guest lecturer on generating creativity at the university’s School of Law, College of Liberal Arts and Center for Lifelong Engineering Education. Liz’ client list also extends to businesses both large and small, non-profit organizations and state government.

The Professional Development Center (PDC) is very proud to offer Liz’s expertise as instructor of the Creative Leadership and Innovative Management Certificate Program. This exciting new program is designed to help managers tap the creative resourcefulness of their teams and foster greater innovation in their organizations. Participants walk away with the practical tools they need to produce more inventive products, develop fresh alternatives to tough problems, create breakthrough ideas and achieve innovative results. By fostering individual creativity and overcoming roadblocks to creativity, individuals and whole organizations can generate game-changing ideas and creative problem-solving that often solve more than one challenge.

In the video above, Liz discusses what it means to be a creative leader and the benefits of fostering creativity among teams. She also describes how we can all develop our own creativity the way we would develop any other facet of our being. “We are all born with the capacity to be creative, but there are things we can all do to deliberately become more creative,” says Liz. “We can actually work that muscle just like we would at the gym and become more creative.”

Registration is currently open for the following courses in the Creative Leadership Program.

  • Building Innovative Organizations on April 18: Learn to identify the conditions within your work environment that either promote or stifle creativity. Develop creativity among your team members and promote the attitudes and behaviors necessary to produce innovative solutions.
  • Creativity with Constraints on May 24: Look at workplace creativity from a practical perspective. Budget restrictions, compliance, risk reduction and time and resource constraints can often lead to you and your team to devise the most creative solutions. Learn how to get past these types of constraints to nurture some of your team’s most creative problem-solving.
  • Creativity, Innovation and Customer Service on July 12: Discover ways to use creative strategies to lead customer service and retention techniques. Transform your customers into your advocates. Learn how they can help you generate new business.
  • Innovation and Creativity for Project Managers on July 31: Craft a foundation for creative thinking within the projects you manage or in which you participate. Gain the tools you need to reach the creative talents of your teammates and blend creativity into every phase of your projects.

Additional information on the Creative Leadership and Innovative Management Certificate Program, including how to register, can be found online.


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