Court B. van Sickler
Court B. van Sickler utilizes services of CIE's Texas Mine Safety and Health Program.

Meet Court B. van Sickler: Mining professional and CIE client


CIE is proud to offer the Texas Mine Safety and Health Program (TMSHP). The program provides mine safety and health training to miners and contractors working in the Texas mine industry. There are 16,000 mining workers in Texas, and TMSHP provides the federally-required safety and health training that each miner must accomplish each year. TMSHP has been in operation for over 25 years and is currently the largest metal/non-metal program of its kind in the nation.

One mining professional who benefits from this program is Court B. van Sickler of Cemex, a leading U.S. cement and concrete materials supplier.

What is your position in the mining industry?
"I'm the Health and Safety Manager for Cemex, a two-kiln, 130 team member cement plant. I'm also responsible for nine cement distribution terminals and three bottom ash distribution terminals in a four state area. I also provide assistance with safety programs for several company quarries and ready-mix operations."

What would you say is the biggest misconception about the mining industry?
"In my opinion the biggest misconception is that large mine operators don’t care about the safety of their employees. Yes, production is the number one priority—it’s the reason they're in business. However, no [mining] business can be a success without having a functioning safety program. Without a good safety program—and the team members to support it—not too many companies would be making money. They’d be spending all their money on insurance and medical care."

What is the greatest benefit to you of the Texas Mine Safety and Health Program?
"TMSHP has provided much needed support… in the form of professional [safety] training, such as first aid, CPR, instructor training, refresher training, and more. They also provide courtesy assistance visits to start-up mine operations. Additionally, TMSHP fully supports all Joseph Holmes safety councils by advertising events and providing programs and presenters that keep the programs interesting. And we cannot go without mentioning the outstanding support they provide for the South Central Annual Mine Safety and Health Conference, not to mention the other Mine Safety & Health Administration districts they have assisted in conducting their respective conferences."

What is the single best thing you’ve learned from TMSHP?
"Mentoring is networking, and networking is friendship."

What do you like to do away from work?
"If [my wife and I] aren’t riding our motorcycle around the beautiful countryside of Texas or beyond, we're reading, or sitting on our back porch enjoying the quiet of country living. But in actuality the thing we like to do most is spending time with, and spoiling, our grandkids."


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