Meet David Verduzco, instructor with UEX’s Business Foundations Certificate


After successful positions at Dell Computers in Austin and Xerox Corporation in New England, David Verduzco decided he wanted to do something more personally fulfilling with his career. Ten years ago, he began a new profession as a lecturer in the Department of Accounting in the McCombs School of Business. He is also an instructor with the University Extension’s (UEX) Business Foundations Certificate (BFC).

In the video above, David offers his advice for graduating seniors, discusses what he enjoys about teaching, and tells us why he believes in lifelong learning.

Designed by the McCombs School of Business, the BFC provides a solid foundation in business concepts and practice for non-business majors who plan to enter the workforce or a graduate degree program upon completion of their undergraduate degree. It is also designed for post-graduates who wish to acquire certification in basic business knowledge. Recently, the BFC introduced “cohort” classes as part of its summer institute.

“The cohort classes offer a unique experience for students. The summer institute reinterprets an MBA-style education to an undergraduate setting,” says David. “We take about 50 students per class from a variety of disciplines across campus and those students take five classes together: Accounting, Marketing Finance, Management and Business Law. The students are in the room together, doing their assignments together, working on their group projects together. They do everything together.”

David continues, “We do a business simulation that’s fairly in-depth and takes into account all the areas covered in the BFC: Accounting, Marketing, Management, etc. So, it’s not learning about one of these disciplines in a silo, but learning in an integrated, interdisciplinary way. We are in our second year offering that program and I hope it continues for many years to come.”

Registration is still open for the BFC Summer Institute at University Extension.


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