Meet Jeff Treichel, Assistant Dean and Chief Business Officer for Continuing & Innovative Educat


Jeff Treichel’s ties to The University of Texas at Austin go back 25 years. After graduating from the university in 1988 with a BBA in Accounting, Jeff has worked in a variety of roles on our campus in academic, administrative and service departments. He earned his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license in 2007. Jeff currently assumes the roles of Assistant Dean and Chief Business Officer in Continuing & Innovative Education (CIE). In the video above, he discusses what it means for CIE to be self-funded, his own personal experiences with continuing education, and offers his congratulations to CIE on the event of its 100th anniversary.

When discussing CIE’s status as a self-funded entity, Jeff is quick to point out why that status is important for people to understand. “The funding aspects here at the university are complex, and there can be a misconception that since the university is partially state funded, that our programs in CIE would be state funded. That is not true," says Jeff. CIE operates in a self-funding mode, which means its budgets are funded by the revenue generated from sales of its services, programs and products. CIE does not receive state appropriations. He continues: “To meet the educational needs of our community, we must not only meet our expenses but we need to gain revenue to provide for future programs and research projects. For us to be successful, we have to plan how our programs will be able to support our community of learners, and manage them effectively.”

When asked about the future of CIE, Jeff offers: “CIE is heading into new frontiers. We are 'trailblazing' to new opportunities to help the university achieve its academic mission. We will also continue our division mission of providing quality continuing education programs to anyone with a desire to learn and to grow.”


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