Messan Quevison awarded CIE's 2010 TOP Award
Messan Quevison receives his TOP Award from Dean Judy Ashcroft

Messan Quevison awarded CIE’s 2010 TOP Award


Messan Quevison of the CIE-Information Technology team was presented with a 2010 Truly Outstanding Performance (TOP) Award by Dean Judy Ashcroft at the CIE summer picnic on August 18, 2010. The TOP award recognizes staff members who have significantly improved customer service either within or outside the university, and significantly improved a business process or increased the efficiency of an operation or unit. In recognition of this award, Messan received a check for $500, two-days off that won’t count as vacation or sick days, and a lunch at the UT Club with Dean Ashcroft and his supervisor, Assistant Dean Yuteh Ma.

Messan was nominated for this award by Yuteh for his contributions to CIE-IT, specifically the establishment of Active Directory (AD) and Group Policies for Windows. “Messan is truly awesome. He goes above and beyond the call of duty and has done so since his first day on the job in CIE,” says Yuteh. “He also has a great attitude towards users. He is very patient and always responsive to customers. He responds to requests quickly, no matter how difficult or inconvenient for him personally. His performance is truly outstanding.”

Messan improved another business process when he initiated the standardization of e-mail accounts to the @austin server. He accomplished this by using pre-existing university resources at no cost to CIE. This standardization benefits CIE by establishing consistent e-mail addresses and Outlook calendaring for the entire division.

Messan answered a few of our questions about his role in CIE-IT, his background and his thoughts on winning the TOP Award.

Tell us something about your role in CIE.
“I’m one of two Senior LAN (Local Area Network) administrators in CIE-IT. Basically, I take care of computers. When a computer breaks down, I’m the person to talk to. I also take care of some onsite servers and coordinate resolution of network related requests between Information Technology Services (ITS) and CIE. But I would say about 90% of my job is about fixing computers and desktop support issues.”

What is Active Directory? Group Policies for Windows?
“When I first came to CIE, there was no centralized way of managing the computers. Active Directory is sort of like a management tool and it’s what came to mind when trying to solve many of our computer issues. So, I initiated the use of Active Directory. It implements and automatically enforces policies on our computers to protect our data. I also use Active Directory to facilitate remote access to our computers while keeping them safe. So when users need help, I can often get into their machines remotely while relying on Active Directory and other remote tools. Group Policies for Windows is a centralized way of managing those policies that protect our data.”

What do you like most about your job?
“No matter what a computer problem or issue may be, there is always something about it that is unique. It may look the same, but there is always something that makes it different on the backend. Users are all different and they all use their computers in their own way. While a problem may look standard, those differences can make the issue new. It’s never boring.”

Where are you from? What brought you to the university?
“I am from Lomé, the capital city of Togo in West Africa. I came to the United States in 1999 to pursue an education. My plan was to study computer science, which I did at Texas Tech. I finished school and then I got married. I ended up staying in Texas. I worked for a company in Lubbock as a Network Control Engineer before I came to work at UT. I started in ITS in 2007 as Desktop Support. I started working in CIE in August of 2008.”

Anything you’d like to say about winning the TOP Award?
“I was not expecting it. It was definitely a surprise. I was just doing my job. I hope I can continue on this path and continue to meet the needs of CIE.”


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