Chris Aleman
CIE client Chris Aleman discusses benefits of Texas Mine and Safety Program and new national mine safety program.

Mining HR professional discusses benefits of CIE’s Texas Mine Safety and Health Program


CIE is proud to offer the Texas Mine Safety and Health Program (TMSHP). The program provides mine safety and health training to miners and contractors working in the Texas mine industry. Recently, TMSHP hosted the U.S. Department of Labor on the UT Austin campus for an open forum on mine safety. The Department of Labor used the forum to launch a new program designed to strengthen efforts to prevent mining fatalities nationwide. This program, called the “Rules to Live By” Fatality Prevention Program, spotlights safety and health standards most frequently cited during fatal accident investigations.

TMSHP client and HR professional Chris Aleman answered our questions about his career, the “Rules to Live By” campaign, and how MSHP impacts Texas mining workers.

What brought you to the mining industry?
Chris Aleman: “I was recruited into the industry for my EMT skills to assist with any plant injuries or paperwork dealing with Texas Workman’s Compensation. I have worked for Fordyce Holdings, Inc. and Briggs Ranches for 25 years, for the past 21 years as the Human Resource manager.”

What is a typical day like for you?
“Generally, a typical day for me includes traveling to two mining operations located here in Victoria, Texas. I visit with the men when they are doing their pre-shift inspection and morning maintenance. I am able to monitor, assist or just be there for support. This is a great time for the guys to speak candidly and let me know what their concerns or problems are.”

How does the “Rules to Live By” Program help the industry?
“The program highlights many of the problems and behaviors that can lead up to accidents and fatalities. While many programs have used gimmicks and other, less effective training efforts to eliminate accidents, “Rules to Live By” has been beneficial in addressing the root causes of the accidents that many companies have experienced. Education and job safety analysis are essential in eliminating all accidents and fatalities. I feel that “Rules to Live By” addresses these issues and makes a huge impact.”

What is the greatest benefit of the Texas Mine Safety and Health Program?
“The greatest benefits of TMSHP are the tireless outreach efforts they perform. They don't discriminate over where they go with their message. Whether they are offering management training in Austin to new miners or first aid training to Spanish-speaking miners in Mission, Texas, TMSHP provides their services willingly and relentlessly. TMSHP has also been a leading force in safety and health education by awarding contractors for safe work practices, organizing a Mine Mentoring Program, and providing Joseph A. Holmes Scholarships to persons pursuing careers in the mining industry.

I have learned that through persistence and a true belief in “zero fatalities” anything is possible. I believe that with the outreach efforts and many mining related resources that TMSHP provides, we will see zero fatalities in my lifetime.”


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