UEX student Jamie Sauer
Jamie Sauer created a flexible school schedule with UEX to help her earn her degree while caring for her newborn daughter.

New mom Jamie Sauer goes back to school with UEX


Jamie Sauer wanted to go back to school after giving birth to her new daughter. It was important for her to have a flexible schedule that would give her enough time to complete her studies and be at home. By taking evening and online classes with University Extension (UEX), Jamie was able to complete her degree requirements. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Applied Learning and Development from UT Austin in 2009.

How did taking courses at UEX help you to reach your academic goals?
Jamie Sauer: “Taking advantage of the courses offered in UEX allowed me to continue my progress towards a degree during a time when I needed my class schedule to be extremely flexible. I was also able to find classes that met a specific need, such as needing one class with a substantial writing component to satisfy a degree requirement at UT.”

Did you take evening or online courses? What was the benefit for you?
“I took both evening and online courses. The main benefit for each type was that I could find a class that fit my specific scheduling needs. The evening classes allowed me to take classes I needed while my husband was home with our children. The online classes allowed me to get a couple of classes out of the way while taking care of my newborn.”

Did you prefer one type of course (classroom or online) to another?
I liked both methods of learning. For the online courses I had to be aware of how I was budgeting the time I spent on studying, assignments and tests. I enjoyed being able to set my own pace in these classes. There were times I was highly motivated to make headway, and was able to get several sections completed over a few days or a week. There were other times when family obligations prohibited me from spending time on the class for a couple of weeks, or even a month, and that was okay.

Did the course offerings of UEX fit your degree requirements easily?
"Yes. When I was a student, I looked for UEX courses to complement my UT coursework each semester. I was always able to find a variety of courses that applied to my degree."


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