Bernard Ortiz de Montellano
Bernard Ortiz de Montellano of OLLI's UT QUEST program.

OLLI’s Bernard Ortiz de Montellano finds rewards in unexpected places


"I have been a member of QUEST since its inception. I have also given lectures and taught seminars and thus I have seen QUEST from two perspectives: of a student and of a teacher. My participation has been rewarding in various ways. The most important reward has been the continuing intellectual stimulus that comes from learning about many things that ordinarily I would not have focused on. Who would imagine how much one could learn about history, politics, economics, science and art from a lecture on quilts? QUEST is not just about lectures but also about developing relationships with other curious people through shared dinners, field trips to museums, extended trips, or plain discussion during the regular session.” – Bernard Ortiz de Montellano

At UT Austin, five distinct programs make up the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI): UT LAMP, UT SAGE, UT QUEST, UT FORUM and the newest group UT NOVA. Bernard Ortiz de Monellano is one of 335 members of OLLI’s UT QUEST™: “Opportunities for Learning.” UT QUEST offers a wide range of learning opportunities covering topics that reflect a wide range of member interests. Some sample lecture and seminar topics include: “Greek and Roman Mythology,” “Famous Texas Criminal Trials and Lawyers,” “Forensic Science Evidence: Not Quite as Good as They Say,” and “Frank Sinatra, An American Troubadour.”

Each OLLI program consists of three, six-week sessions in the fall, winter and spring and meet at the Thompson Conference Center on the university campus. Members of OLLI enjoy leadership opportunities when they volunteer to serve on program committees to help plan the curriculum, social events, field trips and special interest groups.

For more information about UT QUEST or any of the OLLI programs, visit the OLLI Web site or call 512-471-3124.


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