PDC partners with Mexico’s Escuela de Mercadotecnia to offer Digital Marketing program

PDC partners with Mexico’s Escuela de Mercadotecnia to offer Digital Marketing program


The Professional Development Center (PDC) proudly announces a new partnership with Mexico’s Escuela De Mercadotecnia (EDEM) to offer a new Digital Marketing Certificate Program for marketing professionals working in Mexico. The program consists of five short courses covering a range of digital marketing topics such as social media, branding and mobile platforms. The first four courses take place at EDEM’s Mexico City campus while the final course offers students an opportunity to travel to Austin for instruction on the University’s main campus.

“The adoption of new technologies has changed our enterprise culture around the world,” says program instructor Alejandro Castañeda Gutiérrez. “Professionals must respond to new technology in all areas of their corporate operations: personnel, equipment, directives and structures. In this program, we will cover how companies in Mexico can seamlessly incorporate digital marketing in their business plans to compete in a global economy.”

“By embracing new technologies, the students of this program are about to take their careers and businesses to the next level,” states Liliya Spinazzola, director of PDC. “I’m thrilled to partner with the visionary instructors of Escuela de Mercadotecnia to offer this important and valuable training. It’s very gratifying that our two universities are working together to cross language, culture and geographical divides to offer the best possible continuing education opportunities for Mexico’s working professionals.”

Over the five, week-long courses, students will learn digital marketing methods and techniques that effectively utilize the Internet and other digital tools. Students will also learn how to develop digital strategies that incorporate consumer trends, advertising and promotions, legal guidelines and social networks. The first course begins March 8, and will be offered during the day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on EDEM’s main campus. Subsequent courses in Mexico City begin April 5, April 26 and May 17. The final course in Austin begins June 7.

For more information on the Digital Marketing Certificate Program, please contact Kristy Bradford at UT-PDC by phone at 512-232-2231 or by email at kristy.bradford@austin.utexas.edu. You may also contact Karla Pantoja at EDEM at 55162346, ext. 138 or karla.pantoja@escuelademercadotecnia.org.


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