PDC deepens global partnership with Mexico’s Escuela de Mercadotecnia

PDC deepens global partnership with Mexico’s Escuela de Mercadotecnia


The Professional Development Center (PDC) is proud to continue a growing partnership with Mexico’s Escuela De Mercadotecnia (EDEM) to offer a Digital Marketing Certificate Program in Mexico. The program consists of five short courses covering a range of digital marketing topics such as social media, branding and mobile platforms. The first four courses take place at EDEM’s Mexico City campus while the final course offers students an opportunity to travel to Austin on November 22 for instruction on the University’s main campus. This strategic partnership between PDC and EDEM is dedicated to crossing language, culture and geographical divides to offer the best possible continuing education opportunities for Mexico’s working professionals.

“Digital media is a part of everyone’s life. We, as consumers, have access to information and products whenever we want it, whatever our location,” says program instructor Alejandro Castañeda Gutiérrez. “Marketing professionals have to constantly look for new ways to cut through the growing online clutter to ensure their business messages are heard. In this program, we will cover how companies in Mexico can seamlessly incorporate digital marketing in their business plans to compete in a global economy.”

“I am so excited to welcome the students of EDEM back to the campus of The University of Texas at Austin,” states Kristy Bradford, program manager for PDC. “This program offers these professionals invaluable insights into using the Internet in ways that may have not even occurred to them. The program explores new technologies that help manage customer relationships across a variety of channels. Participants gain important data to develop more targeted marketing campaigns that will resonate with their customers and get results.”

Over the five, week-long courses, students will learn how to develop digital strategies that incorporate consumer trends, advertising and promotions, legal guidelines and social networks. The first course began September 20 and will be offered during the day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on EDEM’s main campus. Three subsequent courses will be held in Mexico City with the final course beginning in Austin on November 22.

For more information on the Digital Marketing Certificate Program, please contact Kristy Bradford at PDC at 512-232-2231 or kristy.bradford@austin.utexas.edu. You may also contact Karla Pantoja at EDEM at 55162346, ext. 138 or karla.pantoja@escuelademercadotecnia.org.