PDC instructor Jennifer Lazarow on the importance of clear business writing


The Professional Development Center (PDC) offers a wealth of training courses and opportunities to working professionals to help them improve their performance, advance careers or explore new options. Non-credit certificate programs, seminars, workshops, consulting and onsite training are available through PDC to professionals in the greater Austin area and beyond.

One of the most popular classes is “Business Writing: Better Business Correspondence.” In this one-day class, students receive help in strengthening their writing and gaining confidence when confronted with challenging writing assignments, such as writing responses to complaints, delivering unwelcome news, writing a persuasive document, or editing someone else’s work.

In the video above, instructor Jennifer Lazarow discusses the proliferation of e-communications and the importance of being able to write clearly and concisely in today’s work environment. In the class, the importance of writing for different audiences, finding the right tone, creating purpose statements and other factors are explored.

“Often people try to impress their readers with jargon or officious language. In today’s business world, we need to tailor our messages to our audience by making them concise and engaging," said Jennifer. "You don’t want to make your message difficult to slog through. Clear, concise business writing conveys confidence and professionalism.”

The one-day Business Writing course is currently scheduled to take place on March 10, May 4, June 29 and August 18. Online registration is now open for these classes.


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