PETEX student Gary Ware
Gary Ware of Zurich Global Energy

PETEX courses help Gary Ware advance his career


Having worked in the insurance industry for 12 years, Gary Ware of Zurich Global Energy has recently advanced his career through taking courses from CIE’s Petroleum Extension Service (PETEX). For workers in the petroleum and energy industry, PETEX has earned a solid reputation as the world leader in industry training. PETEX publishes hundreds of reference and instructional materials and offers a wealth of hands-on training courses and seminars. PETEX is an internationally recognized career resource for workers from every area of this industry—from "roughnecks" to legal counsel, from field workers to insurance professionals like Gary.

Gary, an assistant underwriter, answered our questions from the London office of Zurich Global Energy.

What courses have you taken with PETEX?
"The PETEX courses I have attended are the "Elementary Drilling" course in March of this year and "Introduction to Offshore Operations," back in October 2008."

Why did you take these courses?
"I work for Zurich Global Energy in their offshore energy underwriting team. The offshore energy insurance industry has always relied upon PETEX courses to provide employees with a solid grounding of the industry. My employer felt that these courses would be beneficial to me in my work."

What did you learn in the courses?
"The courses are presented by experts in their respective fields. Not only do you learn about the industry processes, you also get the benefit of hearing about the personal experiences and challenges faced by those experts during their careers. In addition, you get to meet some great people, not just those people that attend the classes but the teachers themselves. Something that I particularly enjoyed was visiting the Ocean Star during the “Elementary Drilling” course. The Ocean Star is a decommissioned drilling rig that has been turned into a museum."

How has taking PETEX courses helped you in your work?
"The energy industry is very technical and any information that you can learn is very valuable. The PETEX courses I have attended have given me a wealth of information, all of which I use on a day-to-day basis—from the well drilling process itself to being able to read and understand an oil well plan. I believe that I would not have been able to get to where I am now [in my career] without attending both of the PETEX courses."

What keeps you motivated in your work?
"The thing that keeps me motivated at work is the drive I have to become an offshore underwriter. I was recently promoted to assistant underwriter and [taking PETEX courses] has gotten me one step closer to my goal. I enjoy learning and also passing on what I have learned to others. I have used the material that I have been given by PETEX to share my knowledge."


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