PETEX makes news

PETEX makes news


Recently, Greg McCormack, director of PETEX, was interviewed by the Midland Odessa Reporter Telegram newspaper about the benefits employers and workers can expect from PETEX training. In the interview, found online at, Greg points out the challenges of training a multi-generational workforce through a variety of learning preferences, techniques and tools. “We have four different generations in the work force. They all have different career aspirations and different ways in which they learn. We basically have three legs that we look at. One is instruction and training, the second is publications and audiovisual and the third one is digital training solutions. We’re putting a lot more of what we do online, to make it easier for people to access globally.”

While the “hands-on” nature of the oil and gas industry is undeniable and will continue to dominate training sessions, online classes and learning tools can bring attendees up to speed on the basic fundamentals of their subject matter, better preparing them for the hands-on training. The article describes the possibility of PETEX one day offering moderated online courses or webcasting classroom teaching.

PETEX’s efforts to diversify its products has led them to produce a line of e-books that students and clients can read online or download to their computers, laptops and other devices. Industry personnel located in remote areas or off-shore with limited or no Internet access can now have portable training materials through electronic versions of its textbooks.To produce these e-books, PETEX uses Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES and LiveCycle Reader® Extensions ES. These software tools help PETEX deliver its e-books in PDF form while protecting information and content from unauthorized use.

In a new case study, Adobe Software has singled out PETEX as an “Adobe success story.” The case study states that Adobe products “enable PETEX to deliver rich training content to customers around the world while protecting its intellectual property from unauthorized use and distribution.” The success of the e-books has led PETEX to further explore Adobe products to produce its next line of “super e-books” containing embedded video, audio and animation. These super e-books will be available for purchase in October 2010.

Read the entire case study on the Adobe Web site.


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