PETEX publishes The Beam Lift Handbook

PETEX publishes definitive field handbook on beam pump operation


The Petroleum Extension Service (PETEX™) at The University of Texas at Austin is proud to announce the release of “The Beam Lift Handbook,” a new field handbook and textbook for the oil and gas industry. The book offers a comprehensive and detailed examination of beam lift systems, the most common form of beam pumping system used in the world. The book is co-authored by Dr. Paul M. Bommer and Dr. A.L. Podio, both industry experts and faculty members in the University’s Petroleum Engineering department.

“The Beam Lift Handbook” uses extensive graphics, detailed diagrams and mathematical equations to illustrate the operation of beam lift equipment and the potential complications that can arise during daily operations. Beam lift systems are used by oil companies to increase pressure in underground oil wells and bring oil and gas to the surface. Dr. Bommer and Dr. Podio outline the best practices and goals for safe and efficient oil and gas production.

When the book was being planned, Dr. Bommer and Dr. Podio proposed to create a book that would stand as the complete text on beam lift operation, a book that encompassed both old technologies and new methods of oil extraction.

“There is a lot of new research, new thought, new ways that people have worked to make the process of oil extraction better and better,” said Dr. Bommer. “Dr. Podio and I set out to marry that new information with the old methods. We also wanted to make sure that all of the information on beam lift was contained in one definitive resource.”

In a new book review of “The Beam Lift Handbook,” Dr. Sam Gibbs, noted petroleum engineer and 2011 inductee into the Petroleum Hall of Fame, writes, “Simply stated, this text contains between two covers more information about beam pumping than any other publication known to this reviewer.”

Cleon Dunham, president of the Artificial Lift R&D Council offered: "Wow. This is a wonderfully comprehensive treatise on sucker rod pumping. I hope this Handbook can become a permanent fixture on the desk of every Production Engineer, Production Technician, and Well Analyst who works with sucker rod pumping on a day-to-day basis. I am exceedingly impressed by the excellence, scope, and magnitude of this work."

“We, at PETEX, are so proud to work with Dr. Paul M. Bommer and Dr. A.L. Podio in the creation of this important text and handbook. Our readers, clients and customers are very aware of the great intellectual resources found at The University of Texas at Austin, and Dr. Bommer and Dr. Podio are shining examples of that expertise,” said Zahid Yoosufani, interim director of PETEX. “Both gentlemen bring great wisdom and years of experience –in the field and in the classroom – to this subject matter. I’m very proud to offer ‘The Beam Lift Handbook’ to our customers and to add it to our unmatched library of publications—the most comprehensive library of oil and gas training materials in the world.”

“The Beam Lift Handbook” is available for sale on the PETEX website.


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