Raza Muhammad accelerates his education with Credit by Exams from the K-16 Education Center


Twelve year old Raza Muhammad is in the seventh grade at the Academy for the Gifted and Talented at Quail Valley Middle School in Houston, Texas. In addition to his current school workload, Raza also takes Credit by Exams (CBEs) from the K-16 Education Center at The University of Texas at Austin to accelerate through math courses and prepare for his ultimate goal: to ace the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and go to a top medical school.

In sixth grade, Raza took his first CBE to test out of sixth grade math so he could enroll a year early in seventh grade math. When he began seventh grade the next year, he took the Algebra CBE so he could accelerate to Geometry class. By the time he’s a junior in high school, Raza plans to be taking college calculus.

Raza’s father, Parveez Muhammad, learned about K-16’s CBEs and found it was the perfect fit for Raza to meet his goal. “The CBE program is great. I work with Raza at home by helping him to study and learn the concepts. Then we come to Austin and I set up a ‘study camp’ for him. We check into a hotel and study and relax the night before the exam. The next day, we go to the Testing Center to take the test when Raza is ready.”

Parveez believes that one of the benefits of K-16’s CBE program is that the Testing Center has flexible hours that allows Raza to take the test when he is relaxed and ready, and not rushing to get there by a set time. This way, Raza can arrive at the Testing Center well-rested, well-prepared and ready for the exam.

However, when asked to name the single biggest benefit of CBE, Parveez answers: “They teach Raza how to study.” Parveez continues: “In middle school, the classes typically only test students on one or two lessons from a text book at a time. That doesn’t really help students learn study habits that they will need later in their academic life. By taking CBEs, Raza has to study and comprehend an entire book for a lesson, instead of just a few pages from it. This kind of advanced study will help him when he gets to college and it will help him to do very well on the MCAT.”

The K-16 Education Center offers CBEs in grades 6-12 to earn credit by passing an exam in a subject they have received previous instruction. The exam is designed to assess a student’s knowledge and skills in that subject matter, and students must earn a 70 on the test to earn the credit. Tests can be administered online or in a proctored testing center, such as the K-16 Testing.

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