Margie Hale
Margie Hale, founding member and first chairperson of the UT LAMP program.

Remembering Margie Hale


For over twenty years, UT LAMP (Learning Activities for Mature People), the first program initiated at UT Austin by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI), has been a center of activity for adults pursuing lifelong learning. The development of the program was largely shaped by Margie Hale, founding member and first chairperson, whose approach to life and exceptional leadership personifies the mission and purpose of UT LAMP.

“Margie was an artist, a scientist, an airplane pilot, a business partner; a truly inspiring person, ” says Virginia Nokes, a fellow former chairperson.

Virginia and George Nokes befriended Margie and Cecil Hale while attending UT women’s basketball and volleyball games. “They always had season tickets, said Nokes, “they attended at-home and away games.” As UT LAMP emerged in 1989, Hale encouraged her new friends to play an active role in the organization. “Margie invited us to join because it was the right thing to do” continues Mrs. Nokes. “She knew that in our ‘third age,’ we wanted to keep up and keep informed. She inspired us to put in the work to accomplish this.”

Subsequently, the formation of UT LAMP depended heavily upon the volunteer efforts of its members. Exemplifying the spirit of volunteerism that continues to drive the organization, Margie Hale initiated many of its enduring traditions including book clubs, discussion groups, end of term dinners, and regular day tours to historical sites around Austin and central Texas.

Margie Hale passed away in 1996, but the essence of her conception of UT LAMP endures. It is a vital, dynamic community that values the talent of its members and encourages lasting personal friendships. “All of this comes from Margie Hale's vision,” states Mrs. Nokes.

In 1998, UT LAMP initiated a scholarship program named after Margie Hale to benefit UT students studying to become teachers (following her husband’s death, the scholarship was renamed The UT LAMP Cecil and Marge Hale Endowed Presidential Scholarship). The endowed scholarship fund continues to grow and will forever be enjoyed by those who—like the scholarship’s namesake—are passionate about learning and apply their passion for the benefit of others.

Read more about UT LAMP on its Web site. Additional information about previous recipients of the Margie Hale Scholarship is also found online.


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