Rich Priska, instructor for PDC’s Project Management Certificate Program

Meet Rich Priska, instructor for PDC’s Project Management Certificate Program


The Professional Development Center offers a comprehensive Project Management Certificate Program (PMCP) that garners high marks from its participants for providing new information, tools and techniques to help them master project management, even in the most difficult circumstances. Feedback for the PMCP consistently shows that the program’s content is helpful, thorough and “on point” with today’s marketplace. Feedback is also particularly strong for our PMCP instructor, Rich Priska.

**Testimonials from program attendees and participants are listed below.**

We talked with Rich about his thoughts on the importance of project management and what drives him to teach.

Why do you believe the Project Management Certificate Program is beneficial to those who have enrolled or are thinking of enrolling?

Rich Priska: “Good project management saves companies money and resources, eliminates re-work, saves time and boosts morale. This program is beneficial because we give our participants project management tools and techniques that they can use immediately in their lives and on the job. The program is instructed using real-life situations that anyone can relate to, not just project managers. These are lessons, tools and techniques that can be used by anyone.”

What led you to teach this program?

“I had had enough of corporate life, so I began to try to find a way to help others by sharing what I had learned in my career. To be able to do that at The University of Texas at Austin is like a dream for me.”

What do you like most about teaching?

“I like the interaction with students. The diversity of the people that enroll is incredible. I’ve had lawyers, film producers, event planners, PhDs, actors, ex-military personnel and a lady all the way from Nigeria. I also like that they learn from each other. It’s incredibly valuable to learn how other people work and think. Their own real-life stories become teachable examples of how project management can benefit anyone.”

Do you have any memories of a particular student or incident that encapsulates why you do what you do?

“My student from Nigeria stands out in my mind. English was a second language for her, and in the first week or two she wasn’t doing well. So I talked with her at the end of class one day and we went back over the material – point by point. It clicked with her. She just needed that extra care that had more to do with becoming acclimated to a new language, environment and culture than her comprehension of the course material. By the end of the program she was answering questions before anyone else could. I was happy to put in the extra time. She worked hard and studied hard and was very successful in the class.”

For more information, or to enroll in the Project Management Certificate Program (PMCP), please visit the Professional Development Center’s PMCP webpage or call 512-232-4334.

Listed below are participant testimonials about the PMCP and instructor Rich Priska.

  • “The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and was very helpful in clarifying key areas, even if it was after hours. I would highly recommend the PMCP at The University of Texas at Austin to anyone interested in project management.” - Brian Pisano, Project Manager – Point of Sale (POS) Software, Austin, Texas
  • “Teacher was very knowledgeable in the Project Manager Field. Was great about one-on-one teaching when some course work was not understandable. Gave great examples and templates for all material learned. Slide shows were great and easy to understand.” - Mark Medrano, Project Manager – Construction, Austin, Texas
  • “Excellent course! Very well organized with excellent materials. Well-geared toward working people who need to get a high ROI from the little time they have for school. Rich’s experience as a ‘real, hands on’ project manager is a critical factor that makes this course different from others… Rich is also very open and responsive to class feedback in terms of making changes… Thumbs up!” - M.S. Jimeson, Director, Physician Consulting, Austin, Texas
  • “The class allowed me to learn project management concepts in a very clear yet refreshing manner. Rich is a very experienced project manager and his past experiences made the class very meaningful.” - Arnab Bandyopadhyay
  • “The class is informative and engaging. Rich does a good job of providing real world examples for discussed topics and fills in gaps where the book falls short.” - Grant Derigo, Apple Computer, Austin, Texas
  • “This course is much broader than a crash course on the PMP exam. It offers a more thorough approach to understanding the material and knowledge necessary to be a great project manager. Rich Priska is an experienced project management professional. He offers years of lessons and ‘best practices’ as the backbone of the course.” - Adrian Duaine, Scott & White