Season’s Greetings from CIE


How do you say “Season’s Greetings” in a brand new way? That was the dilemma facing CIE’s central marketing team in putting together the 2010 CIE holiday card. We wanted our recipients to view the card and immediately feel the warmth of our holiday message, but also get a sense of who we are.

So, what motif to use? Snowflakes? They’re great, but it doesn’t typically snow in central Texas. A choir of heavenly voices? Another great idea, except we don’t have a choir. A nutcracker in the shape of Bevo? Hmmm…maybe.

After brainstorming several ideas, the team whittled down our options to either something with lights or toys, specifically wind-up toys. We felt a trip to Toy Joy was in order to see if wind-up toys could even be found. We also hoped it would offer us inspiration and a jolt of Austin “weird” to stoke our creativity. Eureka! We’d found exactly what we were looking for.

Dana DeLoca, our videographer, found the perfect setting for our card in the Hogwild Vintage shop. She videotaped the toys all marching in unison amongst the warm lights of the shop, creating a perfect glow for our video card. After a few edits, including attempts at other themes like the holiday lights and another that showcased our students and staff, we finally decided we had a winner with the wind-up toys.

The wind-up toys evoke the fun, the whimsy and the nostalgia of every Christmas morning. But what does it say about CIE?

For 100 years, CIE has been diligent in its mission to bring educational opportunities to anyone with a desire to learn—at anytime in their lifetime. Like these toys, we continue on—step by step, year by year.

Everyone at Continuing and Innovative Education wishes you and your family a joyous and safe holiday season and a prosperous 2011.

Happy Holidays!


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