Students discover CIE programs at Explore UT


On Saturday, March 6, the university welcomed an estimated 50,000 schoolchildren, teachers and parents to Explore UT – “The Biggest Open House in Texas.” As thousands roamed our campus to discover a wealth of fun and educational resources, CIE was on hand with two interactive exhibits highlighting the Migrant Student Graduation Enhancement Program and the Petroleum Extension Service (PETEX).

At the Migrant Program exhibit, participants were invited to answer trivia questions about both the university and the Migrant Program to win official “Gone to Texas” t-shirts. Alexis Fernandez and Chelsea Roser, both former migrant students and currently enrolled at the university, were on hand to talk about their experiences as migrant students and the importance of the program in their lives and the lives of others. According to Migrant Program Coordinator Peggy Wimberley, “Our program is designed to serve a specific student population and even though the students at the event are not all migrant students, we see Explore UT as a wonderful opportunity to increase awareness about non-traditional students that not everyone knows about and to share our students' success stories.”

At the PETEX exhibit, “Drillin’ for Oil,” participants played the popular "Gusher Game” as an introduction to the world of oil and gas exploration and drilling. “[We are] fortunate to have built a fun and ‘edu-taining’ interactive exhibit that captures our essence,” stated Deborah Denehy, PETEX editor. “I love how inquisitive and open young minds are. With oil and gas so much a part of Texas history and culture, it is exciting to provide an inside view into the ‘hidden’ features of the industry to help people understand the complexity and importance of the industry’s efforts….The implications for our youth are very broad and deep; so, sharing that information in elementary terms is exciting.”


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