Texas Mine Safety and Health Program honored for 25 year landmark

Texas Mine Safety and Health Program honored for 25 year landmark


The Professional Development Center (PDC) was recently honored by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) of the U.S. Department of Labor for 25 years of providing high-quality training of workers in the Texas mine industry. At an industry meeting, Jeffrey Duncan, Director of Education Policy and Development for MSHA presented Chad Savoy, program coordinator of PDC’s Texas Mine Safety and Health Program (TMSHP) with a Certificate of Appreciation for “25 years of providing quality health and safety training for the miners and contractors in the State of Texas.”

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PDC’s TMSHP trains approximately 3,000 Texas mine workers annually, with 99.8%S of training occurring onsite across Texas at one of over 600 mines with over 16 different commodities being mined – such as sand, aluminum, clay, lime and coal. Over the last 25 years, TMSHP has trained approximately 75,000 workers.

“We provide training for anyone who sets foot on a mine site: miners, contractors, construction crews and trainers, too,” said Chad Savoy. “It’s a very dangerous profession and, for that reason, it’s highly regulated. We take this training responsibility very seriously and we work closely with MSHA and with several of our Texas companies, such as Westmoreland Cole and Texas Industries, Inc. (TXI) to ensure that all staff is highly trained and that no one is harmed or injured on the job.”

TMSHP seeks not only to provide training required by law but also to develop and promote other health and safety programs for the benefit of Texas miners, and contractors working on mining properties, and the overall mining industry within the State.

TMSHP offers year-round training, in both English and Spanish, for both new mine workers who need beginner training and long-time employees who need annual continuing training. An example of TMSHP training courses includes “Underground Safety,” “Fall Protection,” “High Angle Rescue” and “Ground Control Communication and Transportation.” TMSHP also offers “Industrial Hygiene” to help workers avoid silica dust, which can lead to Silicosis, a form of occupational lung disease.

TMSHP focuses on the needs of both the Texas metal/nonmetal and the coal mining industries by assisting mine operators to establish, maintain and continually improve the safety and health cultures within their organizations until mine safety and health becomes an integral part of normal day-to-day operations and a way of doing business.

For a full list of training courses, programs, DVDs and books or to request a compliance assistance visit, please visit the Texas Mine Safety and Health Program website.

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Certificate of Appreciation from MSHA to the Texas Mine Safety and Health Program

Chad Savoy (left) receives certificate from Jeffrey Duncan of MSHA


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