UEX uses social media to reach students


UEX instructor Lauri Martin offers a contest question.

University Extension (UEX) is taking the social media plunge by launching a series of contests on their Facebook page, to raise awareness about the variety of courses they offer. The contests consist of videos of UEX instructors asking trivia questions based on the subjects they teach. “Fans” who respond with the correct answer are then entered into a drawing for a chance to win prizes. The current contest drawing is scheduled for Wednesday, April 28, with the winner receiving 50% off a UEX course registration.

“We’ve been investigating options for engaging new audiences via Facebook for a while, attending conferences and webinars to see what the experts recommend and watching how other organizations have used their fan pages to really grab the attention of their communities,” says Sunshine Barber of UEX. “In addition, we are Facebook users, ourselves, and we explored our own personal experiences interacting with organizations as fans, looking for the instances when a fan page post caught our attention. With so many fan pages for Facebook users to choose from, we wanted to offer a fun and personally rewarding reason for fans to visit our page. We hope our fans will value the page as a place to communicate with not only us, but other students.”

Social media experts recommend online contests that employ social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, as an effective way for businesses to generate traffic on their sites. Not only to contests engage Web surfers with a corporate brand in an entertaining and exciting way, they also help companies collect a wealth of information and feedback to help them improve products and services.

Visit the UEX Facebook page for a look at their contests and other news. Become a UEX fan and join their community.

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