UTCPE enhances processes for military emergency response team


CIE sponsors the University of Texas Center for Performance Excellence (UTCPE), a program that helps Central Texas business, education, healthcare and military organizations achieve and sustain performance excellence. UTCPE offers on-site consulting, self-assessment and feedback that focuses on such areas as leadership, strategic planning, customers, managing people and processes, and getting results. UTCPE is recognized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, under the U.S. Department of Commerce.

An ongoing client of UTCPE is the Texas Adjunct General’s Communication Department on Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas. Camp Mabry houses the headquarters of the Texas Military Forces, as well as the headquarters of the Texas Army National Guard, the Texas Air National Guard, and the Texas State Guard. Twenty year veteran, Colonel Kevin Turnbo is J6/Chief Information Officer in charge of emergency communications. In this role, Turnbo leads a department of homeland security communication experts to support civil authorities, particularly the Texas Military Forces, in response to emergency situations. In the video above, Colonel Turbo describes how UTCPE has helped his organization improve systems and efficiency.

“The role of communications in the military right now is of the utmost importance,” says Turnbo. “There is a new front called cyberspace. The more leading edge and competent we can be in that area, the more able we are to defend our country from cyberspace attacks – particularly those to our main power grid. The more we can do to mitigate threats from cyberspace, the better.”

As Turnbo describes in the video above, his group contacted UTCPE to receive help in documenting and improving their processes. “Unless you have your processes documented, it can be unclear as to what function those processes actually serve. One person might see a process one way, and another might see the same process in a different light. Once those processes are documented, and everyone understands clearly what those processes are and how to perform them, it helps your organization act more efficiently and in a timelier manner.” Turnbo continues that “UTCPE not only helped us document processes, but also establish a baseline to help us diagnose our own problems and to improve.”

For more information on UTCPE, please visit them online or call Tony Perez, program coordinator, at (512) 232-9530.


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