Dwight Benson of Round Rock ISD Purchasing
Dwight Benson of Round Rock ISD Purchasing

UTCPE helps Round Rock ISD department achieve performance excellence


“Sometimes you get to a place in your life and you just want excellence. We want to be good stewards and not waste taxpayer money. When we buy $10 million worth of assets, we need to make sure they are all taken care of and accounted for. We want to make sure it’s done correctly – and UTCPE has given us the tools to do it correctly.” – Dwight Benson, Assistant Director, Round Rock Independent School District (RRISD) Purchasing Department.

The University of Texas Center for Performance Excellence (UTCPE) is a CIE program that helps business, education, military and healthcare organizations achieve and sustain performance excellence. Assistant Director Dwight Benson of the RRISD Purchasing Department describes how working with UTCPE has helped his organization improve.

Tell us something about your organization.
“RRISD has 5,200 employees, 43,000 students, an operating budget of $325,000,000, over 54 campus and administrative departments, and we’re growing. As our mission statement says, the Purchasing Department provides for the acquisition of goods and services, construction, and professional services requested by the district’s schools and departments to support the educational mission of our district.”

What were your goals when you contacted UTCPE?

”In 2007, our management changed. Jamie Spiegel went from being Assistant Director to Director. The impetus for contacting UTCPE at that time was that Jamie wanted us to be recognized as a premier purchasing organization in Texas. It’s still our mission today. And we were looking for ways to accomplish that goal. Round Rock is a recognized school district by the State of Texas. We are recognized as doing our job well by the Texas Education Agency. So we wanted and needed to maintain that excellence.

We have received two UTCPE awards, and we plan on participating again this year. What we are really looking for is a management matrix that would help us analyze our organization and make it better. And UTCPE has been very effective and helpful for us. UTCPE has forced us to look at things, such as our strategic plan. Our strategic planning process has become the spine of our organization. We are keeping much more data on our operations.”

What would you say is the impact your organization, after working with UTCPE, has had on the students of your district?

The mission of the overall school district is to provide exemplary education, guidance and encouragement to empower all students to reach their individual potential and become contributing members of a diverse community. If we don’t meet that goal, we scar our students for life. It’s a great responsibility that all schools have to their students and to society. By increasing our department’s efficiencies and our processes and our plans, we support the mission of the school district in a solid, tangible way that pays off in the lives of our students.

For more information on UTCPE, please visit them online or call Tony Perez at (512) 232-9530.


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