UTCPE helps Round Rock school improve performance


CIE sponsors the University of Texas Center for Performance Excellence (UTCPE), a unique program that helps Central Texas business, education, military and healthcare organizations achieve and sustain performance excellence. UTCPE offers on-site consulting, self-assessment and feedback that focuses on such areas as leadership, strategic planning, customers, managing people and processes, and getting results. UTCPE is also sponsored by the National institute of Standards and Technology, under the U.S. Department of Commerce.

One recent client of UTCPE is Teravista Elementary School in the Round Rock Independent School District. Principal Kristina Snow describes the experience of working with UTCPE in the video above. In the video, Principal Snow describes how she completed a UTCPE application of questions about her organization and how it conducts business. Completed applications are assessed by UTCPE and opportunities for improvement across an organization are identified.

For more information, please visit the UTCPE Web site or call Tony Perez, program coordinator, at (512) 232-9530.


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