UT’s Dr. Paul M. Bommer discusses his latest book, PETEX’s “Beam Lift Handbook”


On Wednesday, October 3, the Petroleum Extension Service (PETEX®) hosted a book launch party for its latest publication, “The Beam Life Handbook,” in the Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Building on the main campus of The University of Texas at Austin.

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The setting was appropriate as the book, also available in digital e-book format, is written by two professors in the university’s Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering department: Dr. Paul M. Bommer and Dr. A. L. Podio. The two professors were joined by many of their colleagues, family members and students to celebrate the release of this essential textbook and field handbook.

When asked about the origins of the book, Dr. Bommer responded, “Beam lift is widely used and often taken for granted. So, one of the points of this book is to remind the readers of the best practices that sometimes get swept under the rug or ignored. There is a lot of new research and new thought, ways that people have worked to make the process better, and we want to marry that in to the older ideas some of which are still valid.” In the video interview above, Dr. Bommer also discusses the future of Beam Lift and how he and Dr. Podio approached the creation of the book.

“We, at PETEX, are so proud to work with Dr. Paul M. Bommer and Dr. A.L. Podio in the creation of this important text and handbook. Our readers, clients and customers are very aware of the great intellectual resources found at The University of Texas at Austin, and Dr. Bommer and Dr. Podio are shining examples of that expertise,” said Zahid Yoosufani, interim director of PETEX. “Both gentlemen bring great wisdom and years of experience –in the field and in the classroom – to this subject matter. I’m very proud to offer ‘The Beam Lift Handbook’ to our customers and to add it to our unmatched library of publications—the most comprehensive library of oil and gas training materials in the world.”

Since 1944, PETEX has been a leading educator within the oil and gas industry. PETEX publishes a catalog of textbooks and educational materials, many of which have become industry standards, and offers instructor-led training courses in Austin and around the world.

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 PETEX’s Debby Denehy welcomes Zachary Arredondo to the book launch event

 Book launch celebration

 Zahid Yoosufani, Dr. Paul M. Bommer, editor Josh Bauermeister, Dr. A.L. Podio, Debby Denehy

 Dr. Paul M. Bommer, editor Josh Bauermeister and Dr. A.L. Podio

 Guests congratulate Dr. Podio on the book’s publication

 Dr. Bommer speaks with students

(Left to right) Dr. Mukul Sharma, Zahid Yoosufani and Dr. A.L. Podio

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