Tran My Liem and Le Bao Hoang
(Left to right) Tran My Liem and Le Bao Hoang are sophomores at the Nam My Vietnamese American Private School where they take courses from the UT Online High School.

Vietnamese students benefit from UT Online High School


The University of Texas at Austin Online High School has entered into a partnership with the Nam My Vietnamese American Private School in Vietnam to offer online courses to Vietnamese high school students. This partnership is designed to help these students earn a U.S. diploma and enable them to more easily enroll in U.S. universities. Currently, 25 students from Nam My are enrolled in the Online High School.

Sophomores Tran My Liem and Le Bao Hoang of the Nam My School answered a few of our questions about their experiences with the Online High School.

Why did you enroll in UTHS?

Tran My Liem: “Studying [with the Online High School] will give me a lot of chances to enhance my English skills. Furthermore, my parents and I [believe that] earning an American high school diploma [will] facilitate finding a good college and university in the future.

Le Bao Hoang: “[I wanted] to study in an international environment with English as the main language.

What are your goals? In life? In education?

Tran My Liem: “I have a lot of goals. About life, I [would] love to visit different places in the world. In the future, I would like to find a good job such as architect or interior designer, which will motivate my creativity and help me earn a lot of money. About education, I want to learn different things, especially about nature and things happening around us.”

Le Bao Hoang: [My goals are] to study in the US and graduate [from a] university there that can help me seek a well-paying job to take care of my family.

What do you see as the benefits of taking courses from the Online High School?

Tran My Liem: “I saw great progress in my English and an international education helps me learn more about other countries and different cultures. This program [also allows me to] rely less on others and [be] more independent in studying.”

Le Bao Hoang: “My English [has] improved; [I have] more understanding about American culture and history; [and I’m] learning to study in a very specific and reasonable way.”

Do you hope to come to the United States to go to college? If so, where do you want to attend? What do you want to study?

Tran My Liem: “Yes, I do hope to come to the United States to enter college. I want to study architecture, design or business.”
Le Bao Hoang: “I do [hope to come to the United States]. I have not decided which university I should apply for; I need more time to evaluate my abilities. I want to study economics.”

Thanks to Tran My Liem and Le Bao Hoang for answering our questions and “Good luck!” from Continuing & Innovative Education.


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