(left to right) Liz Aebersold congratulates Vadim Gorelik on earning the Creative Leadership and Innovation Management Certificate.
(left to right) Liz Aebersold congratulates Vadim Gorelik on earning the Creative Leadership and Innovation Management Certificate.

What our students have to say: PDC’s Creative Leadership & Innovation Management program


Vadim Gorelik, chief technology strategist for the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin, recently participated in the Professionals Development Center’s (PDC) Creative Leadership and Innovation Management certificate program. This program is designed to help managers tap the creative resourcefulness of their teams and foster greater innovation in their organizations. Participants walk away with the practical tools they need to produce more inventive products, develop fresh alternatives to tough problems, create breakthrough ideas and achieve innovative results. By fostering individual creativity and overcoming roadblocks to creativity, individuals and whole organizations can generate game-changing ideas and creative problem-solving that often solve more than one challenge.

Vadim, who earned his certificate in July 2012, offers the following thoughts on his experience of the program.

“Creative Leadership was a concept that held great interest to me. Coming from an Information Technology background, I feel like my industry suffers from a mentality of ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it.’ Creativity can be lacking, and it’s a topic I had wanted to explore for myself, and also for my team. I wanted to be a better leader by nurturing my own creativity, but I also wanted to cultivate these qualities in my employees. If we can bring a more creative eye to our problem-solving, we can be so much more effective as individual workers, as a team and as a department.

The instructor, Liz Aebersold, was awesome. She was spot-on. She presented a very engaging mix of content presentation and exercise. She tied it all together – the personal reflections, the group activities and the class dynamic – in a way that was appropriate for the setting and so useful.

The tools I learned in Creative Leadership and Innovative Management have been essential. I’m still using brainstorming tools and creative strategies that I learned in the first classes on a daily basis in my role at McCombs. As I sit down with leadership to solve problems, I’ve been able to solicit more creative solutions from our leaders and my colleagues and staff. We have gained a greater empathy for our end users and customers by exploring the techniques I’ve learned. The program truly helped me put myself in our students’ shoes and develop much more creative, innovative experiences for them. It’s inspired a new way of leading and looking at problems.

I noticed that a lot of people came into the course with an attitude of ‘I’m not creative.’ But seeing the transformation in them, and seeing first-hand how creativity can be nurtured or encouraged in a person, is, I think, the greatest thing I learned in the program. I highly recommend the Creative Leadership and Innovation Management Certificate Program.” - Vadim Gorelik

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