(left to right) Dr. Liz Alexander congratulates Corie Pryce on earning the Strategic Communications Certificate.
(left to right) Dr. Liz Alexander congratulates Corie Pryce on earning the Strategic Communications Certificate.

What our students have to say: PDC’s Strategic Communications


Corie Pryce, a communications professional from Houston, Texas recently participated in the Professionals Development Center’s (PDC) Strategic Communications Certificate Program (SCCP). The program is aimed at upper-level managers, professionals and executives who want to learn or hone more effective communications skills to help them more successfully deliver ideas, strategies and corporate vision to a variety of audiences.

After taking one of the courses in the program, Corie has registered for the entire program. Below, she offers her own thoughts on strategic communications as a concept, the SCCP program and her instructor at UT PDC.

“Strategic communications is not a trendy, flavor of the day, academic concept that will pass with time. Strategic communications has been an emerging evolution stemming from today’s intrinsically linked and connected society. Increasingly, business and government leaders are making communications the basis of their [growth and strategic] development plans rather than an afterthought. And, as a communications professional, you have to be prepared and be a part of this shift or, get left behind.

I found Dr. Liz Alexander’s 'Establishing Your Strategic Communications Toolbox' course offered by the University of Texas at Austin’s Professional Development Center to be a unique, highly-targeted course that gave me the specific tools I needed to build a strategic communications model which I can use to help clients achieve their desired results and enhance their own strategic positioning.

I had looked at many masters programs in communications, but felt that most offered modules that would be irrelevant or covered information that I already had from years of experience, which would, ultimately, be a waste of my valuable time and money. This Strategic Communications course was exactly what I was looking for – focused, concise instruction on how to move communications forward in today’s highly connected world. I thoroughly enjoyed the first module of this course and have enrolled for the entire program. Dr. Alexander is an exceptional instructor and is viewed as a visionary educator in this emerging field.”—Corie Pryce

The SCCP is made up of five courses that students may take individually or as a whole to earn the certificate. Dr. Alexander’s model for the program includes training in establishing successful crisis communications; measuring outcomes; formulating storytelling techniques; and adapting communications to the evolving digital marketplace.

To find out more or to register, please visit the Strategic Communication Certificate Program web page.


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