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Go “Back to School” with CIE, Part 1

Go Back to School with CIE, Part 1


CIE presents a number of new courses, programs and services to greet both traditional and non-traditional students in fall 2010. In part one, take a peek at what's in store from the K-16 Education Center, University Extension and the Professional Development Center.

How nineteen strategies can help you become a successful leader

Nineteen Strategies for Successful Leaders


CIE's Professional Development Center offers "Nineteen Strategies for Successful Leaders," a one-day class to help managers achieve greater success through building trust, developing a high-performing team and improving communication.

How to Build a Multi-Generational Talent Pool Through Skill-Based Mentoring

Multi-generational talent pool


CIE offers a new professional development workshop, based on extensive research by Pat Schnee, called "Building Your Talent Pools through Skill-based Mentoring." Pat offers some tips for how to manage multiple generations and keep your staffs learning and growing.