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LUCHA student Eduardo Gonzalez earns high school valedictorian title

LUCHA™ student Eduardo Gonzalez, valedictorian of the class of 2011, Donna High School, Donna, Texas


With the help of CIE's LUCHA™ program, Eduardo Gonzalez of Donna High School graduated at the top of his class of 681 students as valedictorian.

K-16 Education Center goes extra mile to help high school students graduate on time

K-16's Erin Connolly prepares to process exams returned from schools.


Every graduation season, the K-16 Education Center goes into overdrive to ease the way for high school seniors to graduate on time. “The phone never stops ringing starting in April up through June,” says Erin Connolly. “We often go outside our usual process to help these students."

LUCHA offers help to Texas educators for improving graduation, decreasing dropout rates

LUCHA Symposium


On May 11, 2010, CIE welcomed educators from 15 Texas school districts to our campus for a seminar on how the LUCHA program can help them increase graduation rates and decrease dropout rates for Spanish-speaking English language learners.

How to transfer school credit from Mexico to the U.S. using CIE’s LUCHA program



LUCHA is designed to help Spanish-speaking students from Mexico transition into Texas public schools. Learn how LUCHA analyzes transcripts to place students correctly in the school system and give them credit for courses they've already taken.