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PETEX publishes definitive field handbook on beam pump operation

PETEX publishes The Beam Lift Handbook


"The Beam Lift Handbook" by university faculty members Dr. Paul Bommer and Dr. A.L. Podio outlines new technologies and best practices for production lift systems.

UT’s Dr. Paul M. Bommer discusses his latest book, PETEX’s “Beam Lift Handbook”


PETEX recently held a book launch party to celebrate the publication of "The Beam Lift Handbook" with authors and university faculty members Dr. Paul M. Bommer and Dr. A.L. Podio.

REPORT: Oil and gas industry training goes high tech to attract the next generation

REPORT: Oil and gas industry training goes high tech to attract the next generation


The aging oil and gas industry is in desperate need of young workers to take over global operations. PETEX® explores new ways to train the next generation using high-tech materials and tools.

PETEX opens new oil and gas industry learning center in Houston


The new PETEX Learning and Assessment Center helps fulfill the latest training and personnel demands of the oil and gas industry.

CIE: Reaches Around the World


Get a bird's-eye view of CIE's reach around the globe in this animation that provides a small sample of CIE growing international presence.

PETEX makes news

PETEX makes news


PETEX is generating headlines with its new digital learning tools aimed at training multi-generational staffs. PETEX' efforts have even been singled out as a "success story" by a leading software manufacturer.

Go “Back to School” with CIE, Part 3



Continuing and Innovative Education presents a number of new programs and services to greet both traditional and non-traditional students in fall 2010. In part three, we take a look at the impressive line-up of new courses, online tools and publications PETEX has in store for fall.

Go “Back to School” with CIE, Part 2



CIE presents a number of new courses, programs and services to greet both traditional and non-traditional students in fall 2010. In part two, preview what's new from the Thompson Conference Center's Life Enrichment programs.

PETEX explains drilling procedures with new animated oil rig

PETEX animated oil rig


As a result of recent events, an increased interest in oil rigs and how they work has developed. PETEX is currently preparing to launch a new animated oil rig to introduce both students and the public at large to the workings of a drilling rig.

PETEX author Dr. Paul Bommer on teaching and the future of the oil and gas industry

Dr. Paul Bommer


Dr. Paul Bommer is a 25 year veteran of the oil and gas industry, a lecturer with the university and a primary contributor to PETEX publications. We asked Dr. Bommer about his teaching experiences and his thoughts on the BP oil spill.

Evolution of a Best-Seller: “Fundamentals of Petroleum” Prepares for 2010 Release

Fundamentals of Petroleum


Now entering its fifth edition, "Fundamentals of Petroleum" is considered PETEX’s signature publication and has remained a best-seller. Throughout three decades of publication, the book has stayed true to its original concept: to provide a comprehensive overview of the oil and gas industry.

A brief history of CIE’s Petroleum Extension Service (PETEX)

PETEX photo gallery


Get a snapshot history of the Petroleum Extension Service (PETEX), the world leader in oil and gas industry training. Includes a photo gallery of images from PETEX's industrious past.

Michael Webber works with PETEX to address global energy issues

Michael Webber


Michael E. Webber, PhD, has recently published a book with PETEX that offers his unique perspectives into our current global energy crisis. He answers our questions about teaching, studying alternative energy and the current BP oil spill.

PETEX courses help Gary Ware advance his career

PETEX student Gary Ware


Insurance professional Gary Ware of Zurich Global Energy has advanced his career through taking PETEX courses. For workers in the petroleum and energy industry, PETEX is an internationally recognized career resource for every area of this industry.

Students discover CIE programs at Explore UT


On Saturday, March 6, the university welcomed an estimated 50,000 schoolchildren, teachers and parents to Explore UT. CIE was there with exhibits from the Migrant Student Program and PETEX, offering useful information on these programs with interactive games and prizes.

CIE joins the fun at Explore UT

(L to R) Debby Denehy, Nancy Hanson and Itzel McClaren of PETEX


On Saturday, March 6, the university welcomes an estimated 30,000 visitors to Explore UT, "The Biggest Open House in Texas." Find out what CIE, represented by the K-16 Education Center and PETEX, has in store for this year's event.