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Go “Back to School” with CIE, Part 1

Go Back to School with CIE, Part 1


CIE presents a number of new courses, programs and services to greet both traditional and non-traditional students in fall 2010. In part one, take a peek at what's in store from the K-16 Education Center, University Extension and the Professional Development Center.

How nineteen strategies can help you become a successful leader

Nineteen Strategies for Successful Leaders


CIE's Professional Development Center offers "Nineteen Strategies for Successful Leaders," a one-day class to help managers achieve greater success through building trust, developing a high-performing team and improving communication.

How to Shake the Fear of Public Speaking

How to Shake the Fear of Public Speaking


Public speaking is often cited as the biggest source of anxiety for working professionals. CIE’s Professional Development Center offers a workshop on June 29-30 called "Speaking in Front of People” to help you turn your fear into energy through personalized, interactive exercises.

How to Build a Multi-Generational Talent Pool Through Skill-Based Mentoring

Multi-generational talent pool


CIE offers a new professional development workshop, based on extensive research by Pat Schnee, called "Building Your Talent Pools through Skill-based Mentoring." Pat offers some tips for how to manage multiple generations and keep your staffs learning and growing.