PETEX Knowledge/Skills Analysis Tool (KSAT)

What is KSAT?

A self-assessment tool for enterprise customers that assists employees, supervisors, and mentors with their training programs by documenting knowledge /skill gaps and identifying appropriate training to address the gaps.

A management and HR tool to understand employee training needs and target the right training to build knowledge/skills in the right areas. By doing this, you optimize your training budget by focusing training only where needed. A custom roadmap for each employee lets you measure training progress.

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  • This online tool has administrative features that assigns employees to roles and allows them to self-assess or work with a supervisor to review identified gaps in knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • PETEX works with you to include information on your offered training, such as OJT, so the KSAT can calculate gaps properly.
  • The tool then targets gaps by pre-populating the roadmap with PETEX training offerings and recommendations to address knowledge/skill gaps.
  • The result: a printable customized roadmap for each employee that outlines individual training recommendations.
  • KSAT is an ongoing resource for management and HR to view employee-training progress in contrast to the company’s job requirements.
  • Based on the Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSAs) outlined by the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC)—an established resource for industry job roles and skills.

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Coming soon: KSAT capabilities for other industry sectors such as Production and some Offshore roles. For more information or to take advantage of this limited opportunity to use the KSAT tool free of charge, email or call 512.232.1505.


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