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Products and Pricing Designed Especially for Enterprise Training Needs

PETEX recognizes that companies and organization often need to train a large volume of employees or assess and enhance knowledge or skills in certain key areas. Such efforts are necessary to elevate the knowledge and experience of a growing workforce. We offer a variety of offerings that provide a breadth of content and flexibility in delivering the specific knowledge you seek to build. Consider these valuable e-tools specifically designed for your enterprise training needs:

Custom Courses
Any PETEX courses that are open for enrollment can be held at a location of your choosing and we are happy to discuss customizing any of the courses according to your company-specific requirements.

Online Library
Train a large number of employees flexibly using a host of learning solutions at reasonable cost. Consider an online library subscription for 24/7 access to the industry content you need.

PETEX Test Bank
PETEX Test Bank provides a selection of assessment questions and answers on a variety of key topics. The Test Bank questions will be linked to specific bodies of knowledge needed in the oil and gas industry. All questions are developed in conjunction with industry experts and have at least one alternate set of questions to randomize testing when wrong answers are selected.

Experience the same personalized, quality instruction you get in the classroom —without the time and expense of travel— right in your own workspace.

These offerings are customizable to your needs, and volume discounts are available. To find out more, click above on products of interest, or Contact Us today!


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